Fonts, Fonts, Fonts

During my work, I spend a lot of the time reading a screen and interpreting the stuff that is on it. A good solid font is definitely a must-have for me.

I used to be content with a font called “Courier New 10pt”. However , I came across this little gem :

This font “Dina” is freeware, meaning anyone can use it.

The author used the following guidelines designing this font:

  • Mono spaced
  • Should be easy to distinguish between `j i l 1 I`
  • Should be easy to distinguish between `o O 0`
  • Operators should line up horizontally `- + * =`
  • Brackets should line up horizontally and vertically `< ( { [ ] } ) >`
  • Punctuation should be clear `., :; ‘ “`
  • Symbols used in programming languages should look right `& @ % $ #`
  • No other characters that look too similar `gqy z2Z s5S 8B CG6 DO uv`
  • Still has to be pleasant to read passages of text

If you use it and like it, please donate to the author who spent time to create this gem.

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